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Various model Clark Masts in the field

Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd, Australian Factory distributor for Clark Masts Teksam NV, Belgium
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Teklite - Mobile, Portable and Emergency Lighting

Teklite Emergency Portable Lighting - Various Models

Many Applications Today Use Clark Masts Commercial, Military and Teklite Masts Because Clark Masts Pneumatic masts Adequately And Economically Fulfil Their Users Requirements
Some of these typical applications include use as Aerial Photography Masts, Security Camera Masts, Photo Masts, DGPS Masts, Survey Masts & Poles, Pump Up Masts, Portable Towers, Pneumatic Masts, Antenna Masts, Emergency Masts, Lighting Masts, Meteorological Masts, Instrument Masts, Radio Masts and Poles, Emergency Services Masts, Vehicle Mounted Masts, Trailer Mounted Masts, Portable Poles, SES Masts, CFA Masts, CFS Masts, Fire and Rescue Masts, (Rural Fire Service) RFS Masts. They can also be used as Air Operated Masts, Communications Masts and Poles, Cellular Masts, Portable Mobile Phone Masts, Radio Survey Masts, Portable Poles, Aerial masts, ENG Masts, Police Masts, ILS Masts, Fire Brigade Masts, Microwave Masts, Outside Broadcast Masts, Surveillance Masts, Telescopic Masts, Wireless LAN Masts, Portable poles, Military Masts, Aluminium Masts, Antenna Base, Antenna Mast,  Antenna Support, Antenna Towers, Carbon Mast, Communications Mast, Fast Erecting Masts, Fibreglass Masts, Field Mounted Masts, Heavy Duty Masts. Other applications include their use as Light Towers, Lighting Masts, Lightweight Masts, Mast Lights, Pneumatic Mast, Mast Systems, Mechanical Masts, Microwave Masts, Microwave Towers, Military Masts, Photographic Mast, Portable Light Towers, Sectional Mast, Specialist Masts, Teklite Masts, Telescopic Antenna, Telescopic mast, Telescopic Poles, Telescoping Antenna, Telescoping Antenna Mast, Telescoping Antenna Pole, Telescoping Masts, Towers, Vehicle Mounted Masts and Alloy Masts.

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